Professional End of Life Doula Training

Our intense “Professional End of Life Doula Training” was created for any individual, both professional and non-professional, to help gain a deeper grasp on End of Life care. The training is a 2 day program that reviews the wide variety of information needed to provide the best EOL Doula Care. Check out our modules below.

  • Module 1: Professional Doula Training (1.5 CEU)

    Want a collective understanding of the Promise Network Professional EOL Doula Model? This training will help provide accurate, complete, documentation of service. Help you become aware of importance of Advanced Directives. Outline the dying process. Recognize language of dying. Increase knowledge and understanding of the Doula Tripod Method. And conduct appropriate after death planning.

  • Module 2: Diving Deeper into Doulas (1.5 CEU)

    Join us as we dive deeper into the understanding of client and Doula roles. This training will help gather knowledge on the process of the client from diagnosis to death. Help build your understanding of the importance of self-awareness while working with client. Explore and discuss client and Doula goals. Learn the importance of the client and Doula planning for death. Review client and Doula “souls” while understanding the difference between spirituality and religion. And explore what it takes to prepare the path to “A Good Death.”

  • Module 3: Inner Doula (1.5 CEU)

    Understand the importance of caring for yourself. Become aware of signs of compassion fatigue and burnout. Learn how to successfully complete a self-care assessment. Explore your belief and value system while evaluating your personal fear towards death. Discuss the importance of Life Review. And learn how you judge yourself in addition to reviewing emotions and how they are made.

  • Module 4: Bereavement and Grief Doula (1.5 CEU)

    In this training you will review the after-death process. Learn how to recap on the client wishes and if after-death wishes are in place. We will thoroughly explore the development of the Bereavement Plan. Review the importance of Listening Skills and phases while appropriately assessing grief. Discuss the PromiseCare Doula Network’s top 6 types of bereaved. You will learn the techniques on supporting the survivor(s). Most importantly, discuss the reviewing process of Doula Self-Awareness after death.

  • Module 5: Medical for the Non-Medical Doula (3 CEU)

    This training will help individuals understand terminal illness and common medical illnesses. Review common medical terms and medications used. You will gain a heightened understanding of the different living environments EOL clients reside in while reviewing the different professions. Gain a thorough understanding of the different medical options. And review patient rights in different settings.